handmade in the Uk scented soya wax candle
phtalate free scented soya wax candle jar
handmade soya wax candle pine and cedar
scented soya wax candle in brown glass jar

Scented Soya Wax Candle Jar - Braeden (Forest)


Our exclusive candle jars are filled with natural soya wax, a sustainable and non-toxic alternative to standard paraffin wax candles. The name, Braeden, is an Olde English word meaning forest, which references the warming, cosy scent of pine, cedar, bergamot and patchouli. Designed for unisex appeal, the simple, utilitarian style makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use and when you're finished with the candle, the jar makes a handy container (or can be easily recycled). Also available in a fresher Denu fragrance.

Each tin is hand-poured in Wales by people with learning disabilities at Beacons Creative (see our Makers page for more details). All purchases help support this social impact company. 

  • Sustainable soya wax
  • Size 6.6cm (height) by 6cm (diameter)
  • Handmade in Wales
  • 25-30 hours' burn time
  • Phthalate free 

This may sound obvious, but the jar can get hot. We recommend placing on a coaster and leaving to cool before moving.