Two Small Beaten Brass Dishes Ethically Made in the UK
  • Two Small Beaten Brass Dishes Ethically Made in the UK
  • Hand hammered Brass Dish Used as Candle Holder
  • Hand Hammered Ethically Made Brass Ring Dish
  • Close up of Hand Hammered Brass Dish
  • Hands hammering a brass dish
  • A woman sawing an Aerende brass dish
  • Brass Dish Set

Brass Dish Set


Our small brass dish set combines a hint of opulence with a pared-back style that makes it perfect for special occasion displays as well as for daily use. They double up as glamorous coasters or handy trinket bowls, or as a display dishes for small succulents or candles. We love the individual dimpled effect from the careful hand-hammering that creates their unique shape and vintage-style appeal.

Each dish is hand-beaten in London by volunteers at Studio 306, a creative studio for people living with and recovering from mental health illnesses in north London (see our Makers page for more details). 

We chose brass for its sustainable credentials. Because brass is a composite of copper and zinc, it is uneconomical to use raw materials for its creation. This means that, in most cases, brass is already part recycled and can continue to be recycled and reused indefinitely. 

Due to the handmade nature of these items, there may be some natural variation in colour or shape. Images depict the item as accurately as possible.

  • Hammered brass
  • Diameter 10.5cm (larger dish) and 6.5cm (smaller dish)
  • Handmade in London

Wash with a dry cloth. Likes an occasional polish but will also age well with neglect (as long as you don't get them wet). 



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