Our trading is now paused. Thanks for your support and understanding. Our trading is now paused. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Aerende Bespoke

Are you a hotel, restaurant or business manager looking to improve your sustainability and impact? Aerende can help – by taking commissions for beautiful textile items, created to your specification. 

Aerende Bespoke began in Spring 2017 when Aerende launched a textile programme working with refugees in Hertfordshire. It has since expanded to incorporate makers living with mental health illnesses and women at risk of unemployment/poverty. Together we are happy to create to unique, limited-edition products for the hospitality sector. 

We work with linen, organic cotton or waste materials to sew anything from cushions to napkins (with a minimum order of 20 and a maximum of around 500 depending on the item and deadline) and are happy to discuss orders for a wide range of fabric items that help generate revenue for our partner makers, or to create bulk orders of products currently in our collection. 

Clients so far include Massimo Bottura's Refettorio Felix, StudioIlse, Petersham Nurseries, The London Linen Company and Inhabit Hotels. 

Please contact hello@aerende.co.uk for more information. 

Aerende Bespoke napkins in dusky blue linen, commissioned by StudioIlse for
Refettorio Felix, a Community Kitchen in Earl's Court, London, set up by
Massimo Bottura. Image: Red Photographic