How do you pronounce Aerende?
It's not as tricky as it looks: Air - ren - day.

Will you represent me or another maker I know?
We always love to hear from new potential makers. Please email emily@aerende.co.uk with a brief overview and a picture of the sorts of things you’re making.

How do you find your products?
It’s a varied process – sometimes by trawling the internet, other times by word of mouth. Occasionally we see or read about something or someone we feel might be interested in a collaboration so we do a bit of (friendly) cold calling. Having a journalistic background and love of researching helps.

I love your branding. Who did it?
My husband is talented designer who not only created our logo, but also took many of the photographs you see on this site. Sorry, I'm afraid he's not for hire. 

Who made my product?
Every Aerende order comes with a tag stating the name of the individual who made it. In certain cases, where safeguarding is an issue, or where a team has been involved, it may just feature the name of an organisation.

What is Aerende’s USP?
Aerende is unique (we think) in being the only online shop in the UK where you can buy interior and gifts products that are not just desirable, but comply with the most rigorous social and environmental credentials that any responsible consumer would be looking for. We adhere to the famous William Morris adage that you should "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Our products should last a lifetime and become items to cherish. To us transparency is everything. If there's something you (as a maker or consumer) want to know about a product or business practice, just ask. 

Are you an eco/ethical company?
The short answer is yes. But if you want a long answer, read on.

We think the terms eco and ethical have been rather misappropriated by big business and so we try not to over-use them, preferring transparency instead, so that our customers and makers can see the benefits and understand our processes for themselves. We do everything in our power to minimise our negative impact on the world, and to maximise the social value of our homewares. Our homeoffice is powered by Ecotricity, transport between all local makers happens by bike, our packaging is stylish but compostable (see below) and we guarantee the working conditions of all of our makers. In fact, many of them work in spots that are so lovely and create products in batches so small, you literally couldn’t get any further from the sweatshop/production line methods of many high street retailers. 

Can you tell me more about your compostable packaging?
We'd love to - it's another one of Aerende's USPs. Our packaging has been complicated and expensive to source but we feel confident in its environmental credentials. As you might expect, we have sourced everything from UK companies as close to our base in Hertfordshire as possible. Our tissue paper and tags are recycled and FSC certified (they come from The Green Stationary Company and Eco Craft). If you have been lucky enough to receive something from us, you’ll know everything comes wrapped in jute twine from Nutscene, which weaves in Scotland and sources in Bangladesh (we had a long chat with them about the conditions/set-up in Bangladesh and are happy with their account of their visit to where their jute is grown). Our stickers and address labels were printed especially for us by Berkshire Labels, one of the only places in the country that can produce a truly biodegradable sticker with its non-toxic BioTak adhesive.

To protect our items in the post we use crumpled recycled kraft paper and recycled cardboard.

When products arrive with us in packaging that doesn’t comply with our aesthetic or environmental principles, we simply pass it on so that there is no wastage in the supply chain. Happily, a neighbour runs an online shop selling pre-loved gardenalia called EmberGate and we’re happy to see our second-hand packaging being reused for her products.

We’re always looking for ways to limit the impact of our packaging while ensuring a premium feel. Do get in touch if you have an innovative or beautiful packaging product you think we should know about.

What is a social enterprise anyway?
A social enterprise is simply any business that is motivated as much by people and the planet as by profit. We operate to normal business standards and aims but Aerende also happens to be a not-for-profit. This non legally binding term is often bandied about without clear definition. For us, it means that any profit is put straight back into the business. As a company limited by guarantee we have no shareholders and are motivated by the financial success of the organisation and the people it has been set up to support, not any individuals associated with it.

Why are your prices so high?
We’ve tried really hard to make sure our prices are fair both for our makers and our consumers. But as a society we have got used to prices that don’t really reflect the cost of the product, either in relation to materials or creation. Most of our products are one-offs that can’t be bought anywhere else. They are made especially for us by real human beings and take time and care to create. When you buy them, you’re not just buying a beautiful, limited-edition item to use and cherish, you’re also paying the maker a fair price and contributing towards a whole array of compassionate business practices. Our makers work when they want, in ways that suit them and their lives best. Our business plan is based on our customers understanding and appreciating true value and being prepared to pay a little extra for it.

You say all of your products are made in the UK yet some of your materials are from further afield. Why is that?
All of our makers are based in the UK and every item is made here. However, much to our chagrin, we have found it challenging to find materials, particularly textiles, that are grown and made here and that also provide the quality and style that we expect. When items are not from the UK, they are sourced them from as close to home as possible (eg, our linen is from Lithuania) and we try hard to find items that comply with our ethical standards. If you are a British textile maker who may be interested in collaborating or providing us with wood, metal or fabric, please do get in touch. We'd love to work towards being a 100% sourced in the UK company.

What's your privacy policy
We'll never share your details with any third parties. We'll only contact you if you've signed up to receive emails from us. If you know longer want to receive them, you're free to unsubscribe at any time (though they are full of all sorts of great tips and insights, as well as the occasional loyalty discount so we think they're worth receiving).

Got a question you don't see an answer to?
Drop us a line via our contact page and we'll answer it personally and on this page.