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  • Can social be responsible?

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    Thinking carefully about the impact of all of the ways we do business is part of Aerende's raison d'etre. And recently we've been giving some thought to what a responsible social media presence for a sustainable company should look like in the coming months/years.

    Ever since discovering that Cloud storage (yes that’s every Instagram picture and story as well as the documents and images we actively save from our devices, plus the website on which you're reading this) is due to overtake aviation as a source of emissions, I’ve been pondering whether a company that truly cares about the world can continue to use these platforms as its predominant marketing stream. After all, Aerende products are consciously all made in the UK precisely to minimise our environmental footprint (as well as forging greater connections with local crafts and materials).

    Admittedly this topic is not one that’s really made the mainstream yet (presumably because it’s easier for some of us to choose not to fly/eat meat than it is to really think about the environmental implications of how we use technology). Despite much thought, we haven’t come up with any firm answers apart from to commit to using social media much, much less and finding other ways to connect (you can sign up to our mailing list on our home page & keep an eye on the in-person and real life Aerende experiences on our Events page). We’ve been experimenting and have found that sales we’re not affected by posting less (in fact, we’re over 100% up on the first quarter of last year - thank you!) and there’s been an added bonus of freedom from thinking about the need to photograph and post and be permanently available or present across multiple platforms (which has long been the received wisdom for online retailers).

    So, because we always want to consider our impact, we might be a bit less present on social media than other interiors brand you're used to seeing every day, or even every week, while we research these issues more. You can always trust us to work hard to adapt and respond to learnings that enable us to be the best and most responsible company we can, minimising Aerende’s footprint and living our do-no-harm ideals. We would love to hear your ideas for how we can do this best in the future. 

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