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  • Positive impact bed linen

    Positive impact bed linen
    Bed linen is not an item that probably elicits much thought, unless you’re looking for a new set. But for Aerende, every product on sale is the result of careful consideration – of style, of practicality and of material sustainability. We’ve chosen linen for our duvet covers and pillow cases because it’s made from the hardy flax, a plant that has minimal water requirements and requires few or no chemicals to thrive (compared with cotton which uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and 22% of the world’s insecticides). It's is said to aid temperature regulation at night and is naturally anti-bacterial as well as looking fantastic when you don’t bother to iron it.
    Our buttons are made from wood because although we want our linens to last for as long as you want to keep them for, we don’t think they should mark this earth forever. If the first small test batch sells well, we’re looking at alternative button options, including wool, for the next order.
    Most importantly, the duvet cover and pillow cases made by hand, not machine. They truly express the skill and personalities of their makers – finished with care and attention but with natural variation that means no two are exactly the same. Imagine just two hands dealing with all the metres of fabric required to make a duvet cover. Imagine how long it takes to line up the stripes perfectly so that the set looks perfect when you make your bed. Imagine someone caring enough about what they make to create a unique fold-over flap so you can hide your buttons and to sew those buttons on so thoroughly they won’t get lost in the washing machine. Those are all the things that our wonderful makers Fatheha and Malika at FabricWorks have thought about so you don’t have to. Oh, and this all happens in London, so if you're in the UK, you can sleep easy knowing that we're supporting local production and minimising emissions by keeping everything as close to home as possible. All you have to do is dream (hopefully about the new bed linen that you’re going to buy as soon as you wake up).
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