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  • Meet the maker: Fatheha (and Malika)

    Meet the maker: Fatheha (and Malika)

    So many people have been in touch wanting to know more about our makers, we're kicking off a new blog series to tell you more about them. Of course, not all of them want to talk. Not all of them want to be photographed. There are safeguarding policies to uphold and complexities around permissions. But, when we can get round these issues, we will. And we're delighted to start things off by introducing you to Fatheha (pictured here with her colleague Malika) at FabricWorks, a textile training social enterprise in London that supports women who are distanced from the labour market.  

    Fatheha came to England when she was 14 with her family. “I found it very difficult moving from the beautiful countryside of Bangladesh to a crowded house on Brick Lane. I couldn't find work and was very unhappy. When I found the FabricWorks sewing classes, I didn’t want to leave! At first I could only sew to a basic level but now I have progressed and am an employed member of the production team. I can now support my family financially. It was only when I came to FabricWorks that I didn’t want to go home any more.”

    We worked with the team at FabricWorks to design our pillow cases and duvet covers, made from striped Lithuanian linen and perfectly sewn by Fatheha and Malika in Limehouse, East London. Being perfectionists, they made special efforts to ensure the stripes always lined up on the seams, and the wooden buttons are extra firmly sewn on so they don't wobble loose or get lost.

    The pictures below, kindly sent in to us by customers, show just what an amazing job they have done, and help to forge connections between consumers and makers, the kinds of connections that we feel should underly every home. 

    If you'd like to see other things that Fatheha and Malika have made, click here

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