• The Aerende Ripple Effect

    The Aerende Ripple Effect
    There will always be people who say individual choices and actions won’t make a difference to the troubles in the world. And it’s true that we do need systems change on a huge level. 

    But it’s also true that every single one of your purchases counts and we wanted to tell you why. 

    Each time you purchase from Aerende, you create a ripple effect of humanity that starts with the maker feeling human, valued, like they are seen. You make a difference to the organisation that supports them, helping generate revenue to keep their valuable work going. You make a difference to me, helping to demonstrate that the hard work and sacrifice is worthwhile. You make a difference to yourself, because you will know the satisfaction of owning a bowl or a tea towel or a candle that is handmade, unique, earth kind and you will experience the joy that comes with using those things every day. You make a difference to the world by rejecting systems that exploit and overlook marginalised and BAME people around the world in the name of capitalism. You make a difference to all the other business that Aerende nudges to consider alternative ways of doing things (which we know because big corporates want to work with us). You make a difference to the people around you, as they see the positive impact of shopping with care and consideration for our #lifeimprovinghomewares

    And for all of these differences that you, our customers, make every day, we wanted to say thank you. Now, give yourselves a big pat on the back and keep going! 
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