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  • The UK's most ethical candle?

    A sustainable rapeseed wax candle in a clear glass jar

    Did you know that burning a standard paraffin wax candle can release a similar number of particles as a diesel car? Or that the synthetic fragrances used in many candles have been linked with breast cancer, developmental delays & reduced fertility? Did you know that some candles still contain lead in their wicks, even though it’s a known carcinogen?

    Of course there’s simply no way we could put something out in the world that causes harm in this way. And it took more than a year of research and development to get our candles right. So we are very proud of them and wanted to blow a trumpet for the way they look and smell, as well as their credentials.

    Here’s why we think they they are the best candles in the UK right now:

    1. They are made from rapeseed wax (soya wax still poses a lot of issues when it comes to ecological damage; it's a crop widely linked with rainforest destruction, whereas rapeseed is a non-GMO crop grown in a regulated way in Europe).

    2. Scent comes from (traceable) essential oils rather than the more commonly uses (and health-risking) synthetic fragrances (and they smell amazing - some people have said they remind them of Aesop/Neal’sYard - we’re aiming high!)

    3.Our scent combinations have been designed to be therapeutic for makers and users - and can help soothe stress, improve energy and aid sleep.

    4. Each batch provides hours of employment and training for adults with learning disabilities.

    5. They are handmade in Wales - reducing emissions from transport and pollution from factory manufacturing.

    6. Boxes are made from recycled coffee cups or FSC-certified paper at the GF Smith factory in the Lake District (we've seen it and it's so responsible it returns the water used to make the paper cleaner than when it arrives).

    7. Belly bands are designed and letter-pressed using eco vegetable inks in London (for character & to reduce the harm of standard printing techniques)

    8. Wicks are made form non-toxic linen and cotton.

    9. They look fantastic

    10. They are hand poured into clear glass because it is the easiest of all the glasses to recycle, though of course they can just be used as drinking tumblers or containers once the candle is finished.

    And the best news? Our candles are now available in  real-life bricks-and-mortar shops. Our first stockists are Caro Somerset, Jewel Beetle and Kjs Laundry (see our Contact page for more details) and we are so delighted to get them out into the world. If you know of a lovely shop that you think should be selling Aerende candles, do let us (or them) know and help us spread the good word!

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    • Katrina Gane says...

      Hi there,

      I hope you’re keeping well.

      I wanted to introduce myself, I have just left Conde Nast and started at Country & Town House magazine.

      I am very familiar with your brand and I would love to hear about your plans for the rest of the year and share ours with you.

      Country & Town House is THE go-to destination for trusted, inspiring, and uplifting content that will enhance your lifestyle wherever you live. It is a beautiful British luxury lifestyle magazine celebrating the finest fashion and style, culture and events, homes and interiors, food and travel.

      Would you be around for a call? Alternatively, I could pop you some more information over via email.

      Do let me know your thoughts.



      May 10, 2021

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