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  • What about the homeware revolution?

    What about the homeware revolution?

    Revisiting a previous post from 2017 because it keeps being relevant, even while we keep pushing for change. Later this month we'll see the world start to talk about #FashionRevolutionWeek. It’s a brilliant initiative encouraging people to think about where their clothes come from and how they are made.

    But it’s not just fast fashion that causes indignity and suffering. I’ve often wondered when the interiors industry will catch up and why we are more concerned with the ethics of coats than chopping boards. As well as asking #WhoMadeMyClothes, I’d love to see people asking “Who made my tea towel?" The hashtag may not be quite so catchy but, as with fashion, if your homewares seem like a bargain, it's likely that someone somewhere is being exploited, or that the environmental impact of the item's production has been overlooked. 

    Here at Aerende, I’ve asked all sorts of questions over and over again. How was this wood carved? Where did this clay come from? How much energy will it take to get this item to us? What are the working conditions of the people who made it? How can we pay fairly and still do good business? None of our makers are in factories. None of them work on production lines. None of them have unrealistic targets or work with materials that will have a toxic effect on their bodies. We hope they are proud to be associated with Aerende. 
    When you buy from us, in most cases, we can tell you the first name of the person behind the product. Because behind every single thing you buy, whether it’s a skirt, a spoon, or a toy, is a real human, just like you and me. 
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    • Amanda Blainey says...

      I really appreciate this level of transparency. It’s so unusual to see and really gives me confidence that when I shop with you I’m making a real difference – thank you!

      July 14, 2020

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